Antique reverse glass painting "St. George" Bavarian folk art, 1920s

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Vintage Bavarian religious painting behind glass 

German reverse glass painting depicting Saint George and the Dragon in the original wooden frame.

These small religious paintings behind glass are a traditional Bavarian folk art. They depict saints, images of the Virgin Mary or the life of Jesus. They are a bit naive, colorful and very decorative. It would be great to collect them!

The style of these paintings was quite always the same for a long period of time. This one is from early 19th century.

The antique original wooden frame is painted in gray and burgundy, decorated with small flowers in each corner.

Very good antique time worn condition.

Country and period of manufacture

Bavaria, South Germany, 1920s


Height cm 23,5 | in 9.2
Width cm 18,5 | in 7.2

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